Chava Alexandra Wernick

Founder, Developer, Instructional Designer - GreenMoose Communication Technology

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Developer Portfolio

Chava began experimenting with computer programming at 14 when she was asked if she wanted to register a domain name. Thus the GreenMoose website was first begun. Since then, Chava has taught herself multiple programming languages, including HTML5, JavaScript, JQuery, PHP, and Python, and has taken formal classes in Computer Science as part of her undergraduate and graduate degrees. With discovery as her destination and curiousity as her fuel, Chava is driven by her passion for technology, her interests in simulated learning, cyber-security and cryptography, and the challenges of Accessible Technology.

Chava's developer experience includes desinging and developing many websites, big and small; Android app development, iOS app development; learning the programming language Python one week before having to teach it to others (a whole classroom and teaching team can attest to her success in this endeavor); web apps, and JavaScript and HTML5 games and simulations. Some of Chava's work can be viewed below:

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Writing Portfolio

Chava has been writing short stories, essays, instruction manuals, and more for 10+ years (this in addition to over 10,000 lines of code). Her writing has been used as part of marketing campaigns and outreach initiatives, educational curricula for adult and youth learners, speeches and presentations, and to fill the awkward silences of roadtrips and family dinners. Some of the results of her writing include: the increase of participants in community events, a surge of student applicants to the STEM department where she taught, and her success in raising $2,000 dollars for cancer research. Readers enjoy her variable writing style, the sudden yet subtle inserts of humor, and the clarity and confidence her writing conveys. (A recent recipient of her weekly Community Basketball emails commented, "Chava, you never cease to amaze me".)

Blog Posts
Short Stories
Essays & Academic Papers
Marketing Campaigns

Video Portfolio

Chava began creating videos before reaching the double-digits, her first production, which was widely distrbuted around the 4th grade, was a stop-motion reenactment of the moon landing recorded using a Sony 8mm camcorder and edited on a VCR. Since then, Chava has continued making videos and shorts, some academic, some entertaining, and some are still being classified. Her interests and curiosity led her to experiment with stop-motion animation, claymation, computer animation, and greenscreen. After stretching the limits of Windows Movie Maker, and frustrated by its inability to handle computer animation without crashing, she taught herself to use Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects. Her undergraduate career at Ohio State included several courses on video and documentary scripting, storyboarding, filming, and editing. Her portfolio includes: PSA's, educational videos, and many stop-motion shorts.



Chava regularly updates her online portfolio. Stay tuned for more!